About TMGB Ltd.

Here at TMGB we place our emphasis on the performance and delivery of a service that enhances both the industry and the safety of the public. TMGB has the ability to carry out any type of provision that is required by the traffic management sector. Our accredited service is comprehensive and is delivered by a team of dedicated and experienced managers. The partnering approach to all our clients helps solidify long term relationships and sustainable business.

Our Services

The scope of works range from supplying trained personnel in industry specific vehicles, to the implementation of any type of traffic management scheme. We have the ability to partner with any company and help plan, design and implement traffic management in accordance with the nationally recognised Highway Sector Schemes 12A, 12B & 12D. Our diversity and flexibility is second to none.

Working In The Events Sector

TMGB is also heavily involved in planning and formulating solutions to the Events Sector. To date, it has enriched the service given to both the Olympic Games in 2012 and more recently the Tour de France in Yorkshire. Not only has the company worked alongside the event contractors it is now helping the event planners and organisers decide the best practice for future events locally and nationally.

Not Just A Traffic Management Company

TMGB is not just a traffic management company, along with help from its sister company Traffic Labour Supplies it becomes the most versatile tool any contractor needs to help deliver a dependable service to the end client. The partnership of both companies means that there is no other company capable of delivering a Managed Support Service that can meet any client’s requests. If your company requires help to heighten your profile in the industry or just a temporary fix while you manage a peak in the demand for your services, TMGB can offer the turnkey solution.

The simplicity of TMGB

The simplicity is that TMGB is a fully functional 12AB & D accredited company. The managers in both companies have a massive knowledge of carrying out traffic schemes from small urban sites to major Motorway Maintenance across the country. TLS have been asked on so many occasions if we can supply a vehicle or a variety of signs, but consciously declined as we never had the recourse to manage the requests. Now we do and we are able to tackle any request from our clients. Whether it be a simple one off CAD drawing or a partnership on a Major Motorway scheme we can deliver.

Our Company Values

Core Values

Show full and better than average attitude in building bonds with the public, clients and employees.

Be in it for the long term

Strive for efficiency to maintain a profit to enable a greater performance

Committed to building long-term relationships

Being honest, open to all and to excel in gaining respect

Giving all the opportunity to make the working environment a better place

Mission Statement

"Undisputed Leader"
TLS aims to be the undisputed leader and first call as a major supply chain partner within the Traffic Management Industry. We stand by our clear vision and core values that drive and build our aim to achieve excellence in every aspect of our core business.

"Oustanding Products & Services"
We will provide outstanding products and services by our commitment to developing our core business and succeeding in it's continued development.